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"Ivy is an absolutely incredible teacher. She makes everyone feel welcome, valid, and important, and that allowed for some incredible work to be created." - A high school student class evaluation (2018)


Walnut Hill School for the Arts 

Theatre '22


"Along with being beyond talented herself (acting and voice), Ivy is an incredible coach. She has worked with our 13 year old daughter for more than a year. Ivy takes the time to really understand each student's goals and dreams, and is fully prepared for each coaching session. She has the perfect blend of compassion and patience that ensures her students have the confidence to take risks to become better actors. Ivy is able to push and encourage at the right time, and as a result our daughter continues to thrive with her. I highly recommend Ivy." Patty Kelly (parent of Caroline Kelly)


"I love working with Ivy. Not only do I learn a lot, I have so much fun! "- Caroline Kelly


Boston University - School of Theatre

BFA Acting '21

"Ivy Ryan’s bountiful warmth is equally matched by her deep knowledge of classical and contemporary works which makes her an amazing coach. Ivy’s approach to the work is so successful because she makes anyone feel comfortable to be silly, go deeply, and explore in order to create a full character. Ivy helped me find monologues for college auditions that I was passionate about and which allowed me to showcase my individuality. I cannot encourage you strongly enough to coach with Ivy, her coaching helped me reach new depth and specificity in my work I didn’t think was possible, all while having so much fun!"


Muhlenberg College

BA Theatre '23

"Ivy Ryan is an excellent teacher and an absolute joy to work with. She is the kind of person whose warmth and positive energy instantly makes you feel comfortable to try anything in your work. Not only did she help me find and prepare monologues that I loved for my college auditions, she pushed me to become a better actor in a way that was stress-free and fun! She was here for me every step of the college audition process and was always willing to go above and beyond to make sure I felt confident and prepared. She was everything I could have wished for in an acting teacher and I cannot recommend her enough."


University of  North Carolina School of the Arts 

BFA Acting '21

"Coaching with Ivy is everything an actor could possibly want, because she effortlessly makes the actor so comfortable. Her openness and encouragement enabled the space for me to play fully and try anything under the sun. I felt so safe to fail because she took the pressure off of needing to do the "right" thing and encouraged me to just bring myself to the work fully."