"Understandably, then, this is when the cast truly excels, with Ryan impressing most definitively in her command of Hamlet forward, backward, and with many an added quirk." - Theater Mirror

"I had tears rolling down my face from laughter, because these three actors... boy, were they good...  The production is a parody in two acts performed by a meager cast of three actors who each bring an outsized talent and energy."

- The Tech

"Her delivery of the bizarre Prologue gives an initial taste of her elocution and a well-balanced blend of sincerity and ridiculity. Her physical acting, from dancing to frequent dabbing to policing Rachel (who “always goes too far”), brings a dynamism to the production, while the exaggerated accents spice things up."

- The Tech

NSFW (Theatre on Fire)

"There's Ivy Ryan in a nicely nuanced performance as his willing assistant (whose face and body language register "unwilling")."

- Boston Arts Review

"Under Darren Evans’s direction, the cast of NSFW doesn’t sugarcoat the more unpleasant aspects of their characters. Every cruelty, every aggression is mined for the kind of laughs that stick in your throat. The production is all the stronger for it....It’s an extremely funny piece, but that heartbreak is there, lurking in the background. During a long scene between Aidan and Mr. Bradshaw, Charlotte (Ivy Ryan) stands off to the side, watching the two men negotiating what comes next. As the scene plays on, the discomfort on Charlotte’s face becomes more noticeable as she realizes just how deep in the mess she really is." - Theater Mirror

NOMAD AMERICANA (Fresh Ink Theatre Company)

"Will she stay in the Lone Star state to pursue romance, or will she follow her lifelong dream and journey to a faraway place? These are but two of the choices for Bridgette (Ivy Ryan, terrific) to consider in Fresh Ink Theatre's world premiere production of Rockwell's Nomad Americana." - Broadway World

"Almost from the start, Rockwell lays out who they are, and each member of the cast slides easily into their skin. Portraying the person who goes through the most change, Ryan especially bears watching, growing from an adolescent into a woman, nuance by nuance."               - Broadway World

"I whole-heartedly believed in the connections of this family, that they had been together for a long time, something that I would credit to the work of the actors and director Damon Krometis. They do a great job embracing the gentle humor of the play and working to charm the audience into liking them. They succeed. It’s a very likeable group of people to spend an evening with." - Theater Mirror


"The cast are largely successful in their work with the material. Ivy Ryan and Nick Perron create a believable portrait of two young people figuring out whether they might be in love." - WBUR


MEASURE FOR MEASURE (Brown Box Theatre Project)

"Ivy Ryan as Julietta brings victimization of women to glum witness."

-The Chestertown Spy



"Fine performances from Ivy Ryan (Nurse Flinn, Candy Starr) and Becca A. Lewis (Sandra) as the party girls who visited the ward... Although there was no set and a minimal number of props and furnishings, the acting captured our imagination, allowing us to "see" things that were referenced, but not actually shown. " Broadway World

MAN OF LA MANCHA (New Repertory Theatre)

"Antonia (Ivy Ryan), Luisa (Christina English), Carrasco (Davron S. Monroe) and Father Perez (Stefan Barner) perform a quirky and catchy “I’m Only Thinking of Him”. - Theater Mirror

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